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Designed by Australians for Australian conditions

Check out our range of quality smoke alarms

Our range of photoelectric smoke alarms are available in hard-wired or battery-powered models. Supported by either a 1-year or 10-year battery backup, they can be used as a stand-alone alarm or connected (wireless RF) with multiple alarms.

1 year Battery powered

10 year Battery powered

Radio frequency 10 year battery powered

240V hard-wired 1 year battery back up

240V hard-wired 10 year battery back up

RF module

Smoke alarm controller

Why choose emerald alarms?

Emerald smoke alarms are designed to meet Australia’s rigorous smoke alarm standards and challenging environment – including Queensland’s high humidity. Built-in sophisticated technology produces fewer false alarms and ensures ongoing reliability with an exceptionally low fault rate.

Protect the ones you love.

Help protect your family and property by choosing to install emerald smoke alarms. When installed by a professional, our quality smoke alarms offer peace of mind and ensure compliance with state regulations.

Get notified anytime, anywhere with SafeLink

Stay connected by receiving alerts when your smoke alarms are triggered – even when you’re not at home
The SafeLink smoke alarm Wi-Fi gateway sends real-time status of Emerald Smoke Alarms to your mobile phone via the Emerald EMS app.


The Hybrid all-in-one smoke alarm

The Hybrid Smoke Alarm works in every installation scenario.


Battery and hard-wired, with optional RF connection


7 year or 10 year
product warranty


Designed and manufactured by an Australian owned business


Meets Australia’s rigorous state regulations

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