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Protection for the
ones you love

Enjoy peace of mind with Emerald RF enabled alarms

Enhance your families protection with the Emerald app for smart connectivity to RF enabled alarms,
such as smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, and water alarms. With instant alerts and remote monitoring,
you have safety control at your fingertips.

Smart technology for increased protection

Receive alerts from your Emerald radio frequency (RF) smoke alarm network anytime, anywhere with SafeLink via your phone and the Emerald app.

There’s an Emerald alarm for every room

For the best safety at home, we highly recommend having a combination of alarms in your house. Each alarm has its unique function and follows specific rules and regulations. These graphs are for illustrative purposes only and may not cover all potential scenarios. It is essential to assess your home’s layout and potential risks to determine the most effective alarm placement. If in doubt contact a professional installer.

Set up a connected alarm network

Interested in setting up a connected alarm network or purchasing Emerald Alarms
to protect your loved ones?

Why are smoke alarms important?

When correctly installed and located a working smoke alarm saves lives. Most house fires occur at night while we sleep and have no sense of smell. A smoke alarm increases your chance of surviving a house fire by 60%. Sleep soundly knowing your loved ones are safe when you have emerald alarms installed.

How old are your smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms don’t last forever, and the sensitivity in all smoke alarms will reduce over time. All smoke alarms should be removed, replaced and disposed of after 10 years.

Maintaining your smoke alarms.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your smoke alarms work when you need them most. Smoke alarms require regular maintenance to reduce the likelihood of triggered alarms and ensure effective operation in the case of a real fire emergency.